1969 Morgan +8 moss box

1969 Morgan Plus Eight Moss Box.

Chassis number R7100
Registration number: NNB145G

This rare & powerful Morgan has been the recipient of a nut & bolt ground up body off photographic restoration.The bare chassis was sandblasted & correctly prepared to as new spec. At the same time the body was stripped to bare metal & the wings removed prior to reassembly.

The car in painted in dark midnight blue with the paint being absolutely flawless. New tyres have been fitted all round on the correct alloy rims. The interior is black throughout including the dash board. If you are looking for perfection then this is it. A copious file of restoration pictures & bills comes with the car.

In addition to the body all the mechanical aspects of the car were stripped back & rebuilt. There are numerous pictures of the engine build being done to better then new spec. As a result the engine bay is highly detailed & will be a welcome visitor at any Concours D’ Elegance.

These early moss box Plus Eight Morgans are eligible for numerous events including Tour Britannia, Spa 6 hours, Tour Auto, H.S.C.C. Roadsports, Nurburgring old timer & many many more. A useful luggage rack is fitted to the rear & we have a good selection of period leather suit cases & picnic baskets to mount thereon.

On the road the car is a delight. The V8 woofles into life instantly & coupled with such a light chassis provides alarming acceleration when pressed. It is equally comfortable gently cruising in top gear which it will pull from almost any speed. When driven in this mode we recommend changing gear at least once daily whether needed or not. The car comes with a full hood, side screens & tonneau cover. It needs nothing other then use & is in stock with us now.

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Morgan Car Photography

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