Stunning Classic Car Photography & Supercar Photography

All our photos are made by KNSTUDIO photography.

Stunning Classic Car Photography & Supercar Photography

When you invest days of work, sweat and tears into renovating your classic car or hours of love to keep it on the road, why not have a stunning photograph of it taken ?

Based in Warrington Kamil produces stunning photographs of classic cars and supercars. They can be printed in special albums or Boxes with Mounted prints.

Kamil photographs your classic car or supercar at a location of your choosing and uses professional lighting and techniques to create a powerful image of your car. Also If the weather is not good you can book a session in the studio. Located in Leigh.

Bridgewater business park
West bridgewater st.

If you like to book a photo session with your car please get in touch.
Mob:(+44) 07746 308 842

Photo session cost is £195 Please see the details.

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