1953 Triumph TR 2 long door


Came as ex racer with big hole in wheelarch for twin webers 45DCOE and hi lift cam that made driving it fun or scarry deppend what you expect from TR2. Full roll cage was fitted so two holes in scuttle to pass tubing to floor. All panels gand painted bashed and stretched all way around. Engine bay full of new kit and bias brakes. Engine suppose ok apeared to have blown cylinder head gasket and milk instead of oil. Decysion to strip engine was in right time. Three big end shell bearings started to fail and bits of white metal lining fell off. Camshaft bearing surfaces been badly scratched and it neaded to be replaced with new bearings pressed in to block. Engine apart from cam neaded just cleaning and reasembling. We been asked to leave forged pistons, carillo conrods, billet steel crank shaft and bored out cylinder head with big bore valves. Valves been replaced back to right SUs and cooling rerouted to pretend oryginal.

Body took some time to repair. Racing holes welded and beated to shape. Rust in few places cut off and repair panels made and welded in. All panels shrunk to take right shape and stop poping ability. Hard top dropped few times, once badly on one of corners. High spots next to dents took some hammer cuddleing.   Paint preparation was long proces as always is and time spent on it was worth every minute. Ugly duck turned to beauty green roadster. Trim work took place meanwhile of other jobs, and up stairs was busy with smell of contact adhesive and sawing machine knock. Obviously it wasn’t fitted within time of most wheelers dealers program but long time caring every detail of car, and if it wasn’t to be oryginal (customers), at least look right and function right.

The most “called” parts of this car was hard top perspex rear screen and windscreen…

Pride is worth more than money… So our team can say – we built it from scratch.


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C A R S   F O R   S A L E   ! ! !