1947 22′ Curtis Wright Clipper

Virtual Tour Before fitting back interior

Curtis Wright 1947 clipper 22′ 360 Virtual Tour

Came with bashed and corroded front two bottom panels with towing hitch pushed in to reinforcing plate and all riveted with pop rivets. Plan at first was to patch it up but do job right and get owner scarred… I got front panels drilled off and was no way back only to better new fresh appearance. I uncovered there loads of sand that ingress was guaranteed by holes and gaps in paneling.  Well over 400 aircraft solid rivets to be installed. Holes drilled and all edges debured 400 times two sides of alclad 2024 sheet time minimum two as there is always minimum two sheet overlapping so all together about 1000 debur spins to be done. Riveting with air impact gun and piece of steel held by Rob inside was rewarding fun. After riveting all panels towing hitch needed to be moved 1 1/2 inch forward. Chassis got extended and new holes drilled and all fitted clearing aluminum panels. It all went back together well with overgrowing pride what can be done by small team of Imagineers.

Suspension two trailer rubber units replaced leaf springs and all rolled on small 14″ trailer wheels. Job was to drop van that wheels will be half in wheel arch and to replace small “legs” to proper size white wall wheels armed with stainless hubcaps. All exterior was medium polished to brighten it up and seal from elements.

Door never shut properly and leaked together with front window so we fixed it. taking advantage that front interior is out we put hose pipe on front and leak got spotted. Window out and back in with CT1 Mark’s magic sealer, it worked.

Door provided more challenge. All van constructed like airplane so door with inner skin removed got no strength at all. Being not assembled in right shape didn’t help to seal around door aperture. After replacing alloy soft pop rivets in door hinges with solid ones we fitted inner door skin giving door right shape so it shut right and sealed.

C A R S   F O R   S A L E   ! ! !